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Beauty salons are the most popular type of business in India. Therefore, such a huge number of beauty centers should not be surprised. But how to choose the right one? Quite a dilemma.

We have gathered in one place the best salons, centers and beauty studios across India based on the ratings and reviews of clients. We show the most useful and important information about the organisation: reviews from other customers, a phone number for recording a service and current prices.

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Everything for body care and relaxation. If it's time to go for a manicure, get a haircut or do a styling, arrange a relaxation therapy in a spa or massage - it's all there on

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Cause it's fast and convenient. By selecting a service or a type of salon, everything will be displayed on an interactive map. Just choose the right organization and make an appointment by phone.

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  • Special offers. If you are looking for a discount. Like everybody does
  • Reviews. If you want to get a second opinion before visiting
  • Timesaving. If you don't want to waste extra time searching
  • Information. It's important to know as much as possible about the salon (photos, price-list and exact location)