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Amrit Kaur, April 20, 2022:
CAC  is the best Ayurvedic treatment centre I have ever known . There is both panchkarma and ayurvedic medications. I was suffering from skin allergy. I took allopathic as well as homeopathic treatment. I found no relief in both. Then I took treatment from Dr. Jagjit singh. He gave me ayurvedic medicines and recommended some panchkarma treatment also. Now all my skin is very much better. Here I get relief within a few days.  I am very much thankful to Dr. Jagjit singh.
Chandigarh Ayurved & Panchakarma Centre
Nishikanta Mallik, April 20, 2022:
I took panchkarma treatment for my shoulder pain in Chandigarh Ayurveda Center. I had a very good experience here. All my shoulder pain is gone. Thank you Dr. Jagjit singh.
Chandigarh Ayurved & Panchakarma Centre
Biswa Samantaray, April 20, 2022:
My father was suffering from liver cirrhosis. Liver was very much damaged. He took a lot of allopathic treatment. But it was of no use. Then somebody told me about Dr. Karanvir singh who sits in Chandigarh ayurveda center. I approached him and now my father is very much fine. His fibroscan shows 20-30% damage. I am very happy. Thanks a lot Dr. Karanvir.
Chandigarh Ayurved & Panchakarma Centre
Meenu Singh, April 20, 2022:
A  very special thanks to Chandigarh Ayurveda centre where I took treatment for coccygeal pain. I was very much stressed because of this. I got socially cut off as I felt very embarrasing. Here with panchkarma therapies I got relief within few days. Thanku Vaidya Jagjit singh.
Chandigarh Ayurved & Panchakarma Centre
Nishant Singh, April 20, 2022:
I had a great experience in Chandigarh ayurveda center. The staff  here was very cooperative. Clinic is well organized and completely hygeinic. I was suffering from obesity. I took a lot of medicines and couldn’t lose more than 2-3 kgs. But now I lost near about 12 kgs of weight and my body mass index  is also controlled. Vaidya Karanvir singh gave me some ayurvedic medicines and recommended some panchkarma therapies. I am getting appreciation from everyone. Thanks a lot Vaidya Karanvir Singh.
Chandigarh Ayurved & Panchakarma Centre
Sandhya Kaur, April 14, 2022:
I have been suffering from psoriasis since when I was 14 years old. I couldn’t go in sunlight and play with my friends. I got so much embarrassed. Then my mother took me to CAC as her last hope. Here the magic took place and now after a treatment of 4 months, I got no itchiness and have a normal skin. Dr. Jagjit Singh gave me treatment and motivated me during the process. I really thanks him a lot.
Chandigarh Ayurved & Panchakarma Centre

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