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krishna B, August 26, 2022:
మాకు చాలా చాలా సంతోషంగా ఉంది.మీ పార్లర్ లో డబ్బులు తక్కువ క్వాలిటీ ఎక్కువ అనిపించింది మీ యొక్క service చాలా బాగుంది.
apurupa dodda, July 27, 2022:
Very much happy with their service got relaxed, Sindhu working there treats her clients very well. Thank you for the best people over there.
Prathyusha Salibindla, July 24, 2022:
Went there for haircut.Fully satisfied with the work done. Special thanks to KALYANI. She has magic in her hands. She's is very patient and didn't hurry up.
rajkoti patel gunishetti, July 11, 2022:
Awesome Treatment i have never expected this type of fast recovery Am suffered with skin elergy 8 months onwards with a week I was normal Thanks to Dr Mr.Ramesh
Dr. V. Ramesh's Skin Clinic
sana saniya, June 18, 2022:
Not satisfied with the service, the person who cut my Hair clearly did not reach my expectations nor understood what a layered hair cut mean! Highly disappointed
Anusha Sri, March 15, 2022:
Very bad experience for threading and lady ( i don't want to name her) is very reluctant and careless in threading...I got my skin peeled off for threading ( skin under my eyebrow has red bleeding spots for a whole week) and waxing as well as she tried to remove hair from same area so many times.. Haircut is good and decent..Mr Karthik is really good kind and compassionate..he knows hair styling quite good...5/5 for him